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Moving Tips

Make a list / Color coordinate

If only needing a few items moved make a list to help identify those items to the movers. Color coordinated stickers can make a move super easy if there is multiple destinations. This helps the movers identify what needs to be loaded first or last.

Have plenty of supplies

When it comes to the supplies make sure to have plenty of boxes, tapes, packing supplies to last the hole move. Making more trips to the store for more supplies can be bothersome. Most places will have family or house packs made up to make the decision of what you need easier depending on the size of your house.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

Ward robe boxes are great to have. Make sure to utilize all the space they offer. Shoes or smaller items can go in the bottom of the box while close are hung on a bar with in the box. They make packing those pesky closets super easy and fast.

Dish Packs

Dish packs are used for glass ware. They are reinforced to support the extra weight of the glass and to give that extra protection during transportation. We suggest using bubble wrap to give that extra protection to your items. As sometimes just using paper is not enough.


Organized and Clean

Keeping the area organized can make for a easier move. Providing that areas are labeled or what bedroom belongs to who. This can make directing the move easier on customers.

A clean area is best for every one during a move. Keeping hall ways clean from clutter and trip hazards can keep people from being hurt.

Pets and Kids


Although we do love animals it is best to keep them in a separate area from where the move is taking place. This will keep your pet from walking in front of us or in between our legs while furniture is being carried or transported out of your house.

Having a babysitter during the move for the little ones can ease your mind knowing they are safe. Just like pets that can walk between movers, kids can do the same. When movers are carrying large items like couches they not always see everything. They depend on knowing the walk ways are cleared of any items, pets or persons. Our number one goal is safety so no one gets hurt. 

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